Sea Stars Of The Pacific North West


I have drawn most of the factual details about Pacific coast sea stars from Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound by Philip Lambert (UBC Press, 2000). Basic identifying characteristics, taxonomy, biology, geographical range and depth distributions are as noted in Phil's comprehensive book, except where they are supplemented by my observations (noted with *). Phil's book is an absolute must-have for anyone interested in Pacific coast sea stars. It contains a wealth of references should you wish to research sea stars further.
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All photographs on this site are © Neil McDaniel, except for the DRAB SIX-ARMED STAR © Bernard Hanby, the group of PURPLE STARS on the shore © Cathryn McDaniel and the GIANT PINK STAR on deck © Kevin VanCleemput. Note that these images are not intended for free use in the public domain. Those who wish to lease any must contact the owner for permission.
If sea stars and their spiny kin really turn your crank I highly recommend Dr. Chris Mah's eclectic on-line blog. Check out for some mind-boggling stuff.
Two other great sources of information about west coast sea creatures are Whelks to Whales by Rick Harbo and Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest by Andy Lamb and Bernard P. Hanby. Consult these books to get more information about other species mentioned in this website. Both are Harbour Publishing titles and available from dive shops, bookstores and on-line sources.
Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest is also available on-line to subscribers at: