Sea Stars Of The Pacific North West

Field Guide

OK, so you can't risk dragging your laptop down to the sand-blown beach or out in a spray-soaked dive boat to enjoy this website. Oh my, what to do? Well, relax help is at hand. A nifty, durable, water-resistant 8-fold field guide is now available that describes more than 30 species of sea stars likely to be encountered by beach walkers and scuba enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. It also provides intriguing details about their behaviour, including how they move about, hunt for prey, have sex and avoid becoming lunch. It is the ideal companion for family explorations of the sea shore, an invaluable reference in any scuba diver's kit bag and a welcome addition to the home library. Price? Only $7.95!
The guide is being published by Harbour Publishing of Pender Harbour, BC. For more information about their superb list of natural history and other books, visit While you're there, check out Super Suckers: The Giant Pacific Octopus and other Cephalopods of the Pacific Coast by Jim Cosgrove and myself. All you ever wanted to know about this beguiling creature, the biggest octopus in the world!