Class Asteroidea

Order Forcipulatida

Family Asteriidae


Evasterias troschelii (Stimpson, 1862)


5 long tapering arms. Aboral surface coarse. Colour extremely variable: mottled green, brown, grey, orange or reddish with white spines and rarely, blue. To 80 cm (31 in) across (a very large specimen in Victoria Harbour, BC).


Kamchatka and Pribilof Islands to central California; intertidal to 75 m (250 ft).


Very common. It seems to have a greater tolerance of brackish conditions and usually replaces the PURPLE STAR in shallow habitats toward the head of BC mainland fjords. Varied diet includes mussels and other bivalves, barnacles, tunicates, chitons, snails and lamp shells. Like the PURPLE STAR, some males are host to an internal parasite that prevents sperm production. Spawning occurs from April to June.